NoWolf Publishing--Publishing on the Web since 1996
NoWolf Publishing--Publishing on the Web since 1996
    For more than eight years NoWolf Publishing has produced a wide range of fascinating content on the web. All of our productions have received critical acclaim for the high standard of quality we maintain. We enjoy the reputation of having equal concern for content creators, content suppliers, and the readers. NoWolf has never, nor will ever spam. Our goal is a better Web for everyone through simplicity, dignity, quality content and technical innovation.

Our latest venture is a news content portal, This portal is a gateway to the very latest news content in a variety of topics.  For in-depth content in specific fields, we've developed topic-specific news sites as part of the News Only gateway. Our first topic specific news site is called Golf NewsOnly. We then expanded with Nanotechnology NewsOnly, NASCAR NewsOnly, and VoIP NewsOnly. We continue to expand with more in-depth news topics each week. The difference between News Only and other news portals is the human touch. Most of the news portals on the Web today are created by robot scripts. We design each site and our editors choose the very best news sources for each site.  

    The The Writers Hood
First published in 1997, The Writer's Hood publishes stories, poems, novels and interesting articles in more than ten genres. The first multi-genre magazine without a print counterpart on the Web, the Writer's Hood remains one of the stalwarts of the Internet publishing industry. Note: The Writer's Hood closed in February 2005.

    2Minute Windows 2minuteWindow
We feel Flash is overused on the Web. So we developed an alternative to Flash for audio-video presentations. Using standard Web technology and needing no additional plug-ins (like Flash) our 2Minute Windows deliver professionally edited multi-media presentations for your site. Please see the right side-bar for more information.

2minuteWindow2Minute Windows
are professionally edited multi-media Web audio broadcasts produced by NoWolf.

The content is fully customizable for individual site needs, and the broadcast is available for both high bandwidth users (MP3 format) and dialup users (compressed WAV format).

Setting up a 2Minute Window on your site is made easy; just insert two small pieces of code. NoWolf does all the hosting and maintenance. Seeing and hearing is believing, so here are a couple of its applications currently in use.

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